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First Impressions

When I first came across BiteSized.Design in September 2023, I’ll never forget how impressed I was at their landing. The branding was absolutely on point, and the page was unforgettable. I discovered BiteSized.Design through a tweet from Sahil Bloom, who was publicly launching the service and sharing his insights on how beautiful design sets apart the companies he invests in.

Another aspect of BiteSized.Design was Sahil Bloom’s core insight based on Amazon’s strategy of turning cost centers into profit centers. By launching his own design company to redesign the companies he invests in, he could provide a free redesign to his portfolio companies while also generating revenue through the design agency. He launched it along with 4-5 other Productized Services.

Launch Tweet:

Unique Selling Points

What made BiteSized.Design stand out was its unique positioning as a smaller, more affordable offering compared to Sahil Bloom’s full-service design agency, OffMenu.Design.

While OffMenu.Design charged $15,000 per month, BiteSized.Design offered design services starting at $6,000 per month for one request every 24 to 72 hours, and $9,000 per month for two requests within the same timeframe. This made high-quality design more accessible to startups and businesses with smaller budgets.

Client Testimonials

As BiteSized.Design now redirects to OffMenu.Design as of July 2024, I couldn’t find any client testimonials specific to the BiteSized.Design service. However, given the stunning design of their landing page and the expertise of their team, I can only imagine that their clients were highly satisfied with the results.

Tools and Process

BiteSized.Design offered the following in their design service:

  • Senior designers
  • Expert project managers
  • Expert product manager (premium plan)
  • Webflow development (premium plan)

The process involved submitting design requests, with the $6,000 per month plan allowing for one request every 24 to 72 hours and the $9,000 per month plan allowing for two requests within the same timeframe.

Although it’s sad to see that BiteSized.Design has been combined into OffMenu.Design, I’m glad that the stunning landing page is still available in the Wayback Machine web archive. You can see it here: