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I recently came across DEJV Design on Twitter, where the founder shared that he made $34,000 USD as a solo designer in June. This impressive milestone piqued my interest, so I decided to check out his site. Here’s my review based on my first impressions of the landing page.

First Impressions

The landing page of DEJV Design is welcoming and straightforward. One of the first things I noticed was the email address prominently displayed in the top right corner. This small detail makes the site feel more personal and accessible compared to the usual “book a call” buttons that add an extra step of friction.

Service Offering

The tagline, “Product design solutions tailored to your scale,” immediately communicates what DEJV Design is about. The site features a photo of the founder, Dawid, and mentions his interest in photography, adding a personal touch. The “open to work” button and multiple ways to contact him (email and book a call) make it easy for potential clients to reach out.

Portfolio and Experience

The selected work section showcases a diverse range of projects:

  • Reshaping an AI assistant interface
  • Redoing the UI and UX for a loyalty company
  • Enhancing the UI for a logistics company
  • Redesigning a hiring interface

These examples highlight Dawid’s versatility and expertise in UI and UX design, particularly in the SaaS space. The portfolio is well-organized and easy to navigate, providing a clear sense of his capabilities.

Services and Pricing

DEJV Design offers a productized service model with a single pricing plan:

  • Subscription Plan: $3,500/month
    • Unlimited design requests
    • Unlimited revisions
    • Contact via Slack
    • 2-3 updates per week
    • No Trello boards

The simplicity of the pricing model is appealing. At $3,500 per month, it offers a straightforward, no-surprises approach to design services. The emphasis on unlimited requests and revisions, along with frequent updates, ensures that clients get continuous support and high-quality work.

Unique Selling Points

Several aspects of DEJV Design stand out:

  • Personal Touch: The site feels personal and accessible, with multiple ways to contact Dawid directly.
  • Experience: Dawid has nearly six years of experience in B2B, B2C, and SaaS software design.
  • Transparency: The site is clear about what clients can expect, from the design process to the pricing model.
  • Efficiency: The promise of receiving an invitation to Slack within 10 hours and starting work immediately highlights the efficiency and responsiveness of the service.


The process section, while text-heavy, outlines the steps clearly:

  • Subscribe to the service
  • Receive a Slack invitation within 10 hours
  • Start discussing and allocating tasks immediately

This quick onboarding process is a significant advantage, allowing clients to see results almost immediately.

Overall Impression

DEJV Design offers a compelling productized design service that combines personal touch, transparency, and efficiency. The straightforward pricing model and the promise of unlimited design requests and revisions make it an attractive option for startups and businesses looking for consistent, high-quality design support.