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First Impressions

When I first glanced at Remarkified’s landing page, I was intrigued by their headline: “Deals are done or won in discovery.” The page effectively highlighted how their service can address the low reply rates that typically plague cold email outreach. Offering unlimited cold emails for B2B sales teams with a promise of booking up to 35% more calls each month, Remarkified certainly captured my attention. Their straightforward sign-up process was a plus, with just three steps: choose your membership plan, submit a request, and review the emails within 48 hours. The use of Trello to manage copy requests added a layer of transparency and efficiency to their workflow.

Unique Selling Points

Remarkified impressed me with several unique features:

Unlimited Emails: Unlimited cold email requests with a 48-hour delivery time.

Simple Sign-Up Process: Just three steps to get started: choose a plan, submit a request, and receive your copy in under 48 hours.

Trello Management: All copy requests are managed via Trello, ensuring clear communication and organization.

No Meetings Required: The service is completely asynchronous, with no need for Zoom calls or meetings.

High-Quality Emails: Promises of high open rates, high response rates, and personalized emails at scale.

Unlimited Copywriting Requests: Beyond emails, their bonus offer includes unlimited lifetime copywriting for other types of content, like landing pages and social media posts.

Risk-Free Guarantee: If they fail to complete at least one request within 48 hours (Monday to Friday), you get the next month free.

Client Testimonials

Although I didn’t dive deeply into client testimonials, the landing page and the overall presentation gave me the impression of a reliable and professional service. The emphasis on high open rates and personalized emails suggests that clients have experienced significant improvements in their cold email outreach.

Tools and Process

Remarkified’s tools and processes are designed to maximize efficiency and deliver high-quality results:

Trello for Request Management:

Step 1: Choose your membership plan.

Step 2: Submit a copy request.

Step 3: Review the completed emails within 48 hours.

Email Crafting: Human-crafted cold emails tailored for B2B sales teams, ensuring personalized and effective communication.

No Meetings: All interactions are managed through Trello, eliminating the need for meetings or calls.

Copywriting Expertise: The team is based in the US, ensuring high-quality, culturally relevant content.

Key Features:

Membership Plans:

•Unlimited copywriting requests.

•48-hour turnaround time.

•Unlimited users, so you can involve your entire team.

Bonus Offer: Unlimited lifetime copywriting for all types of content, not just emails.

Service Guarantee: If they don’t complete at least one request within 48 hours, you get the next month free.

Pricing and Plans

Remarkified’s pricing table compared their service with hiring a freelancer, an employee, or a traditional agency, highlighting the benefits of their productized cold email service, including a fixed monthly price and zero meetings. They offer two main plans:

Value Plan: Unlimited optimization for your current content.

Deluxe Plan: Unlimited copywriting, including filling in blank pages.

Overall, Remarkified’s approach to cold email outreach is innovative and appealing. Their emphasis on unlimited requests, quick turnaround times, and high-quality content makes them a strong contender for any business looking to improve their cold email campaigns. The additional bonus of lifetime copywriting for early clients is a compelling reason to consider their service. If you’re seeking a reliable and efficient copy as a service provider, Remarkified is definitely worth exploring.