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When I explored Supafast’s website, I was immediately struck by their bold approach to web design and their clear focus on driving conversions. Here’s my take on their productized service offering:

First Impressions

The landing page is punchy and direct. Their top banner, “Launch your dream site in five days,” immediately grabs attention and sets clear expectations. The interchanging text in the header effectively communicates their value proposition: web design that drives tangible business results.

Service Offering

Supafast positions themselves as a one-stop-shop for design, copy, and development. However, I did notice a slight discrepancy between their subheader, which mentions development, and their pricing table, which doesn’t explicitly list it. This could potentially cause some confusion for potential clients.

Portfolio and Process

I appreciate that they provide easy access to their recent work through Figma files. This transparency allows potential clients to get a real sense of their design capabilities. Their process, broken down into market research, copy and design, and launch and scale, seems comprehensive and well-thought-out.

Pricing and Subscription Model

For our purposes at Productized HQ, I’ll focus on their subscription model:

  • $4,197 per month
  • One request at a time
  • Dedicated designer
  • Unlimited users and brands
  • Expert project management
  • Custom illustrations

At around $50,000 USD per year, this seems competitive, especially considering the inclusion of custom illustrations. As someone who’s priced these services separately, I agree that this package could potentially offer significant savings compared to hiring full-time staff.

Unique Selling Points

A few things stand out:

  1. Their focus on conversion-driven design
  2. The inclusion of custom illustrations in their monthly package
  3. Their commitment to unlimited revisions
  4. The entertaining and creative copy throughout their site


I appreciate their honesty about being a one-person agency. This level of transparency is refreshing and builds trust.

Overall Impression

Supafast seems to offer a compelling productized service for businesses looking to improve their web presence and drive conversions. Their combination of design, copy, and (potentially) development services, along with their focus on results, makes them an attractive option.The inclusion of custom illustrations in their monthly package is particularly impressive and could be a significant draw for many businesses.Their pricing seems competitive, especially considering the breadth of services offered. For businesses that need ongoing design work and want to avoid the overhead of full-time hires, this could be an excellent solution.The abundance of positive reviews and video testimonials adds credibility to their offering.Overall, Supafast appears to be a strong contender in the productized web design space, offering a unique blend of creativity, results-focus, and comprehensive service. Their approach aligns well with the trend towards more agile, subscription-based creative services.