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At first glance, Trendy.Design’s homepage exudes simplicity and clarity. It immediately communicates what the agency offers and highlights the brands they’ve collaborated with. This straightforward approach is refreshing and sets the tone for what clients can expect. The agency specializes in both design and development, targeting early-stage startups with the aim of elevating their product experience. This focus on startups is particularly appealing for new businesses looking to make a significant impact without the overhead of a full in-house team.


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Unique Selling Points

One of the standout features of Trendy.Design is their “try before you subscribe” option, which is a fantastic way to build trust with potential clients. They also emphasize several key benefits:

  • Focus on Growth: They handle technical details, allowing clients to concentrate on expanding their business.
  • No Meetings Required: All communication is asynchronous, conducted via Slack and Trello, which is ideal for busy teams.
  • Limitless Requests and Revisions: For a flat fee of $4,000 per month, clients can make unlimited design and development requests and revisions.

This model is particularly advantageous for small teams or startups that need to outsource their design and development needs efficiently.

Client Testimonials

Trendy.Design features a compelling testimonial from HubX, a company that was initially hesitant to outsource their projects. The testimonial highlights how the project turned out very well, despite their initial reservations. This kind of positive feedback is crucial for building credibility and reassuring potential clients about the quality of the agency’s work. I’d love to hear from other clients! 

Tools and Process

Trendy.Design’s process is streamlined and client-friendly. They use Slack and Trello for all communication, ensuring that everything is handled asynchronously. This approach eliminates the need for meetings, which can often be time-consuming and disruptive. The agency’s commitment to revising work until the client is satisfied, even without a formal refund guarantee, demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction.