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First Impressions

I visited UI Flip’s website and was immediately struck by its design. It reminded me of Figma, giving off a collaborative vibe that would resonate with startup and SaaS founders. The site clearly defined their target market: “The design studio for SaaS startups.” They offered instant access to over 16 years of product and web design expertise.


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Unique Selling Points

UI Flip employed some effective tactics:

  • Scarcity: They limit their service to only five clients at a time, which I found refreshing. It suggested a commitment to maintaining quality, while also encouraging me to sign up.
  • Strong call-to-action: A prominent “Start a free trial” button stood out, offering no credit card requirement and zero commitment.
  • Diverse portfolio: The site showcased a range of designs, from restaurant pages to dashboards and startup sites.
  • Transparent process: They provided insight into their workflow and even shared Figma designs for recent work.

Client Testimonials

The site included testimonials, and there’s a clear trend on the testimonials that show the founder has left a lasting positive impression with everyone they have worked with.

Tools and Process

UI Flip’s process and tools seemed well-thought-out:

  • They use teamwork.com for project management
  • They offer flexibility in design requests, accepting Google Docs or Loom videos
  • A pausing feature allows clients to save unused days for future use
  • They provide weekly meetings as needed, Slack collaboration, and dev-ready Figma files
  • Framer web development is included, potentially eliminating the need for a separate web developer

Their pricing was straightforward: €4,000 monthly (about $4,300 USD) for one request at a time with 48-hour delivery. A unique capacity meter showed 60% capacity with two spots left.

At first glance, UI Flip appeared to offer a comprehensive, flexible, and reasonably priced design service for SaaS startups. The founder’s story at the bottom of the page added a personal touch, and I encourage you to check it out. The site’s purple and green gradient design was visually appealing and left a lasting impression.