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After checking out VidPros’ landing page, I’m pretty impressed with what they’re offering. Their tagline, “Fractional Video Editors with a Simple Monthly Subscription,” really caught my eye. It’s a fresh approach that I think could be a game-changer for brands looking to up their media game.

The process seems straightforward: submit a brief, they edit overnight, and you can request revisions if needed. What really stands out to me is that they provide royalty-free stock footage and audio. As someone who’s dealt with the surprisingly high costs of stock media subscriptions, I appreciate that this is included in their service.

I love that you get an assigned editor. It’s a smart move that encourages long-term relationships between clients and VidPros. Plus, using for feedback is a nice touch – it’s a solid platform that makes the revision process smooth.

Their YouTube upload service is a great add-on. It’s those little extras that can make a big difference when you’re juggling multiple tasks.

The thumbnails in their examples really caught my eye. They’re super eye-catching, which is crucial for grabbing attention on platforms like YouTube.

Their pricing structure is interesting. Starting at $1,000 a month for two hours per workday seems reasonable, especially with the overnight turnaround. The $3,000 per month for a full-time editor is particularly intriguing. When you break it down, it’s only $36,000 a year – potentially much less than hiring an in-house editor.

I’m also impressed by their commitment to quality. Assigning no more than four clients per editor shows they’re serious about maintaining high standards.

The 14-day money-back guarantee is a nice safety net for those who might be on the fence.

Overall, VidPros seems like a solid choice for businesses needing consistent, quality video editing without the hassle of hiring in-house. It’s worth noting that this review is based solely on their landing page. To get a full picture, you’d need to dig deeper into their work, talk to past clients, and maybe test their services firsthand.