How it works for Agencies

This page is for Productized agencies to learn how we work, if you’re finding this organically, we’d love to work with you!
Bottom line upfront: Customers are looking for reviews on productized service agencies like yourself. We’re here to bridge that gap. With our reviews, customers find you more easily and trust you more.
We’d love to review some or all of your services over a few days, and write a review based on that for customers to find.

Starting with why

Problem #1: Customers want reviews of Productized agencies from 3rd parties.
They want to know things like: response times, onboarding experience, transparent costs, previous clients, and more.
For example:
notion image
notion image
Solution: Unique hand-made reviews for each productized service.
Pricing: We current perform reviews for free. We plan to charge for featured listings in the future, but this will not impact review content.
Problem #2: There are 200+ Design-as-a-Service providers. How do customers know they’re getting the best price for quality? It’s near-impossible to find and compare them all.
Solution: On, we already have one of the largest lists of Productized Services on the web. (From Quality-as-a-Service to Affiliate-Management-as-a-Service)
This allows customers to easily find your agency among others in your category to compare and shop.
Pricing: We will be starting to charge for featured listings in Q2 2024.

Benefits to you

  • Customers can instantly find a high-quality review of your productized service.
  • We’ll be recording a walkthrough of your service tools and how-it-works. (Free Customer Support.)
  • You’ll be listed on our directory, allowing customers to organically find you.
  • Our Chatbot will be trained on your Productized Service information, allowing customers to find you based on their specific needs.
  • We’re still growing, and you’re getting in early. (This means you benefit from our work on backlinks, social media, and future partnerships.)


  • Most important — It’s going to take some of your time. Our goal: Write a review with the least possible requests from your team, but we will still need to put in a few to properly test/review services.
  • We’re new. We’re still building, and we don’t have as much authority as we’d like in the space yet. (We’re writing 1-2 blog posts/week, picture us like your passive marketing team @ Zero cost.)
  • Our SEO is still not 100% there, but we’re working hard on it. Sharing for transparency, our Google Search Console Metrics for the last 6 months. We are working hard for this to go up sustainably.
    • notion image

How it works:

Interested? We can get started right away! Shoot us an email here.
  1. We onboard like any of your customers.
  1. We put in a couple of requests.
  1. You get a free review on our site that you can quote as a testimonial on your own site.