Unlimitly (Potentially Closed)

Unlimitly (Potentially Closed)

You can attempt to visit this agency at: unlimitly.com

Unlimitly.com: A Design Agency in Maintenance Mode

Editors Note: This is all we could find with available information on the web. To request edits or contribute, please contact us at the bottom of this page. We wish the entire Unlimitly team well.


Unlimitly.com, a digital service once nestled in the landscape of graphic design - Operating potentially between 2015 and 2022, the platform has since receded into the background of the online world. As we explore its story, our thoughts are with those who were part of this venture, hoping they are well and wishing them the best in their future endeavors.
The last screenshot before the site entered maintenance mode, sourced from https://web.archive.org/web/20211014060040/https://unlimitly.com/
The last screenshot before the site entered maintenance mode, sourced from https://web.archive.org/web/20211014060040/https://unlimitly.com/

Reflecting on the Potential Operational Years: 2015-2022

While exact details are scarce, it's believed that Unlimitly.com was active from around 2015 until about 2022. This timeline, mostly drawn from the Wayback Machine indicating a shift to maintenance mode in January 2022 (source), provides a glimpse into what might have been the service's most active years.

The Online Legacy

Even though Unlimitly.com has stepped back from the spotlight, its online presence persists:
  • It's listed on Product Hunt, albeit without reviews or detailed launches.
  • Unlimitly's Linktree page stands as a quiet testament to its online journey.
  • In a comparison on SourceForge, Unlimitly is mentioned, though without user insights.
These digital traces are respectful nods to Unlimitly's existence in the online service space. We hope to see them come back!

Contextual Comparisons

In April 2021, Draftss offered a comparative analysis of Unlimitly, suggesting its competitive stance in the market at the time. This comparison, while historical, provides perspective on Unlimitly's positioning during its operational days.

Pricing and Offerings

Unlimitly.com's proposed pricing model, possibly at $349 per month and $3588 annually, suggests it was a noteworthy competitor in the graphic design service market, similar to DesignsUnlimited. This aspect of Unlimitly's story offers insight into the potential value it provided to its customers.

Insights from a Past Video

Video preview
The YouTube video titled "How to Outsource Graphic Design - Unlimitly Introduction" from a channel called Unlimitly, serves as a valuable window into the service's approach and ethos. The video's guidance on graphic design outsourcing reflects Unlimitly's commitment to its clients.

Video Transcript Insights:

  • 00:00 - Introduction: Outlines the process of engaging with Unlimitly for graphic design services.
  • 00:32 - Detailed Process: Explains the method of submitting and monitoring design requests.
  • 00:59 - Support and Teamwork: Highlights the features like unlimited revisions and team collaboration.
  • 01:26 - Invitation to Join: Encourages viewers to start their journey with Unlimitly.

An Ode to the Unanswered

The story of Unlimitly.com's founders and the reasons behind its closure remain largely unknown for us. We extend our best wishes to those involved in this venture.

Concluding Thoughts: A Kind Farewell

In recounting the story of Unlimitly.com, we offer a narrative filled with respect and curiosity. While the service may no longer be active, the impact it had and the people behind it remain in our thoughts. We hope for nothing but the best for all those who were part of Unlimitly.com's journey.