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Outsourcing as a Service (OaaS)
A broad listing category focused on agencies that offer a large range of services, turning them into an Outsourcing as a Service (OaaS) type of offer.
Design as a Service (DaaS or GDaaS)
Our most popular agency type, Graphic Design as a Service (GDaaS), or just Design as a Service. (DaaS) Our goal is to develop a one-stop place to compare the myriad of design agencies and their pricing.
Media, from video editing to Social media, as a service.
A broad category covering video editing, social media, or agencies doing more than just DaaS. We call this one Media as a Service. (MaaS)
Development as a Service (DaaS)
An emerging field, Developers as a Service (DaaS). We are considering changing this to Coding as a Service (CaaS), but are waiting for various agencies to be listed before making the call.