Nassim & Esus started working on ProductizedHQ in August 2023.


The future is 8 billion companies. Everyone on earth deserves the ability to provide and receive the exact services needed to grow their business.
Companies are getting smaller. Freelancers and agencies are replacing traditional employees. Padded resumes are the baseline. Differentiation requires strong brand. The highest earners with most financial security have strong personal brands and can command prices from companies they couldn’t as traditional employees.

The story so far

Software companies fell in love with recurring revenue. Offering a product as a subscription became the norm outside of the software industry.
At the same time, service businesses wanted to productize. They did so primarily by making software.
Employees understood that their employability was a direct result of their personal brand. The best employees often moved onto freelancing and consulting.
The next step up was founding an agency. Agencies offer the perception of size, reliability, and value. Unfortunately, agencies are often very high stress.
The creator economy showed that professionals with strong personal brands can productize their knowledge and services with information digital products. Software was too much. A template, resource repository, or digital book were just right.
In the software world, pay-per-usage is finally technically possible, and customers are loving it. Performance-based pricing is taking over the agency landscape as saturation makes differentiation too hard.
Today, unlimited design subscriptions are the hottest new trend, promising agency income on a solopreneur schedule. Productized services are popping up for every business function: marketing, sales, design, dev… Legal, human resources, customer success, finance and the like may soon follow.
Company size shrinking and the fragmentation of the business landscape is not a new idea.

The way forward

Ambitious high achievers will not settle for fickle layoff-trigger-happy companies with hard ceiling salaries.
Skills are increasingly commoditized due to labor force saturation and technological advancements.
The market has always needed middlemen to connect supply and demand.
This need will only increase.
Eventually, most companies will be 1-2 person teams trading money and services with one another.
At ProductizedHQ we know that the future will be brighter when everyone is less busy looking for ways to get what they need done, done.

ProductizedHQ is for everyone


  • You decided hiring isn't for you and regular agencies are a pain. Browse and shop for curated unlimited agencies that best suit your exact needs.

Agency owners

  • You want more, better clients.


  • You want more money, more freedom. You want to productize your service.

Everyone else

  • You make SaaS to help people productize.
  • You teach professionals to productize.