How it works

What we are:

  • A place to find productized agencies that offer:
    • Packaged services offered as a product.
    • X-as-a-service subscriptions.

What we are not:

  • An agency listing site (Clutch does great at this though!)
  • A platform for hourly services or rates (Read why)
  • A platform for hidden pricing and fees (Read why)

Eligibility requirements

Every productized service is welcome to be listed on ProductizedHQ.
But not all services are productized.
Productized means customers can buy the service the way they would buy any product on a shelf:
  • No meetings required. Simply hit “Buy” and get going.
  • Clear pricing. No “contact us”, no sales cycles, no hidden fees.
  • Clear deliverables. Whether it’s a package or subscription, scope is never a question.

Our review process

We are committed to helping the best agencies shine and providing the most comprehensive and transparent information possible to users.
We contact every agency listed on our platform to review their services for free.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Contact the service to request a review.
  1. Get onboarded.
  1. Submit first request.
  1. Review deliverable.
  1. Provide feedback for second iteration.
Throughout this process, we note and share every part of the experience to include in our final review:
  1. Initial response time
  1. Onboarding process
  1. Tech stack
  1. Turnaround time on requests
  1. Quality of work
  1. Customer support
The reviewed agency has the right to request one redo after a few weeks, which will of course be noted in the final review for transparency.

Vetting tiers

Productized agencies can climb our verification ladder. Be on the lookout for these badges!
We verify that the agency is real.
We review the agency by going through the customer flow.
We anonymously review the agency by going through the customer flow.
We feel comfortable giving the agency our seal of approval. They set the bar for great listings.
How it works for Agencies